Dr.Ashutosh Pramanik graduated in Electrical Engineering from Glasgow University after obtaining a degree in M.Sc. (Pure Maths). He also holds a M.Sc. (Engg.) degree from the University of Birmingham, UK and a Ph.D. from the same university for his research on developing analytical solutions for three-dimensional eddy-current problems. He has been a Research Engineer with the English Electric, Stafford (now part of GEC, UK), Visiting Industrial Lecturer in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Birmingham, and Lecturer at the University of Leeds. After nearly 18 years of research and teaching experience in the UK, Dr.Pramanik in 1976 joined the Corporate R&D Division of BHEL where he successfully established the Electromagnetic Phenomena Laboratory. Throughout his professional career, he has been instrumental in making several scientific contributions in the field of electromagnetism. He is the Fellow of the Indian National Academy of Engineering and of National Academy of Sciences (FNAE and FNASc.). He has been a Chartered Mathematician of UK and a Fellow of the Institute of Mathematics and Its Applications {C.Math., FIMA (UK)}.

He has been nominated as International Engineer of the year 2008 by the International Biographical Centre, Cambridge (UK).

Presently Dr.Pramanik Prof. Emeritus COEP (College of Engineering,Pune)

Guiding M. Tech. and Ph. D. students.

Authored books      1) ELECTROMAGNETISM  (VOLUME 1 THEORY)
                           2) ELECTROMAGNETISM  (VOLUME 2 Applications)
                                (Magnetic Diffusion and Electromagnetic Waves)
                           3) ELECTROMAGNETISM: PROBLEMS with SOLUTIONS